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Last Updated Friday, 21-Oct-2005 19:44:41 EDT

WELCOME To Dark Mystics Guild!:

* I still play! April 6, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

I still have the guildhouse on Chesapeake. While DarkMystics isnt active on UO anymore.. I still have my account and would be willing to be around for anyone who asks me!

* UOAM Dedicated Server! October 5, 2003 Posted by Mysticales

Well for now we have a dedicated server to connect to! =D This is good for party chats, knowing where everyone is and so on! =)
To use, Load up UOAM, goto Link Controls.
IP -
Port - 2000
Password - darkmystics

Please use a small letter abbv for your name, otherwise you will lag everyone. ;) I personally will use (M) as my name on the map. =)

* USB and DM August 8, 2003 Posted by Mysticales

Well no offical alliance has been set, however just so you all DO know, there is a unoffical one between us. Also Im working on adding forums for them here so that we can all talk together, as well as use IRC =) So just fyi all! =)

* DM GM functions to Smash! May 19, 2003 Posted by Mysticales

Just for now.. Small info on this post

* DM strikes back and cleans up the trash! April 15, 2003 Posted by Mysticales

Well had some fun issues, and last night a more serious one, Which was a older member who decided to PK "noobs" in our guild, well we went after him and brought swift justice and took him out of guild, Thats ONE serious offense, PKing and Backstabbing in guild... its rare and hardly ever happens but when a DM is in trouble, thats why you have allies, to go kick ass!. Anyways more news of past fun are in the
Reminder, should someone in guild be bothering you or doing unguildy activities to someone else in guild, Msg or Mail me!

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